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As with every Dynamite gym, Dynamite2's mission is to create a safe, nurturing atmosphere where everyone, regardless of age or ability, can be successful.


We take pride in creating a positive, upbeat and stimulating environment for our students and a comfortable viewing area for parents. Our facility including a super clean lobby and gym, elite equipment, expansive preschool area equipped with developmental obstacle courses, and bouncy surfaces galore!


What We Teach


Dynamite2's three main disciplines are Allstar Cheer, Power Tumbling, and Women's Artistic Gymnastics. Whether learning basic movement skills as a preschooler, practicing cartwheels with friends, or preparing for high-level competition, Dynamite students are supported as they work towards their own personal goals while having fun.

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Allstar Cheer is a combination of stunting, jumping, tumbling, and dance. Students as young as 4 are invited to begin working on fundamental shapes and movements. We offer classes for beginners and advanced athletes. This program is perfect for kids who want to have fun with friends, compete, or develop skills for high school cheerleading. 

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Tumbling, one of three events found in Trampoline & Tumbling (TNT), is rapidly gaining popularity as variations are now implemented in cheer, parkour, dance and other disciplines. Dynamite starts with the basics--rolls, handstands, cartwheels--and teaches students how to connect these skills and continue building additional elements. 

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Think Simon Biles. Bars, beam, floor and vault comprise Women's Artistic gymnastics. Our curriculum focuses on progressions and proper technique to create a solid foundation in any student. From toddlers developing gross motor skills to teens perfecting bar swings, we are committed to helping our athletes meet their goals.



Dynamite2 offers programs in gymnastics, tumbling, and cheer. Our trained instructors help students gain confidence as they build a solid foundation of balance, strength, flexibility and dexterity.



Dynamite specializes in finding the perfect class for every student of any skill level and age (from 6 months old through adults). We break classes out by age because we understand the importance of socialization. As our students grow older, they have an increasing number of programs to choose from, with class offerings seven days a week. 


Would your child like an entire gym filled with bars, beams, trampolines, and bouncy floors to celebrate his or her special day? Dynamite is the perfect place to romp and play for a full hour followed by cake and refreshments in our party room, goody bags and goodbyes. All you need to bring is a cake--we do the rest! Pick from several packages and options.  


Looking for something super fun for your kids to do during days off from school and the summer? Bring them to camp at Dynamite for a day of flips, friends and fun. Did we miss a day when school is out and camp should be happening? Give us a call and we will see if we can swing it! If the gym has room and instructors are available, we are happy to set it up.


grow with us

As with our own children, we want ALL of our student to reach their highest potential. Yes, we teach cartwheels and flips, but we also teach discipline, kindness, respect, self esteem, and perseverance. Creating the habit of practicing challenging skills over and over helps children develop persistence and motivation--creating a mindset of tackling all life's challenges with enthusiasm and passion. 

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dynamite gyms

Dynamite's commitment to helping athletes of all ages develop a love of movement while building life skills goes beyond sports. While gymnastics, tumbling and cheer are amazing sports, we know that kids like to try different things. For this reason, and because we strive to have something for everyone, we have several partner gyms that offer a variety of activities for kids and adults. 


Dynamite Gymnastics, the first Dynamite gym, offers classes in Artistic gymnastics (think Simone Biles), Trampoline & Tumbling (T & T), GymFusion (combination of Artistic and T & T), and Tumbling for Cheer & Dance. Ages: 6 months - adults

Located in the upper level of Randolph Hills Shopping Center in North Bethesda, Maryland


The Agility Center specializes in Ninja Warrior training and trampoline skills. Students learn to jump, climb, swing and maneuver their way across obstacle courses, and learn trampolines skills to develop their air awareness. Ages: 18 months - adults

Located in the upper level of Randolph Hills Shopping Center in North Bethesda, Maryland


Bolt offers classes in parkour basics, and parkour & freerunning. Students begin with basic parkour skills including rolls, jumps, flip progressions, and bar skills, before advancing to wall flips, twists and complex bar skills. Ages: 5- adults

Located in the upper level of Randolph Hills Shopping Center in North Bethesda, Maryland


in the Community

We believe in helping our community. Every month, we help charities through our open gym fundraisers. Each year, we offer scholarships to students with limited means to participate in classes. It's the least we can do to give back to a community that has given us so much. 

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