Dynamite is a family-owned and operated business with locations in Rockville and Gaithersburg, Maryland. We started our first business with seven family members and now have over 100 staff members who support our mission to provide safe, quality instruction to all of our students. We have built gyms based on three pillars: Community, Development, and SafetyCommunity represents our belief that we have a duty to help others in a kind, compassionate way. Development means more than just gymnastics skills--it is the belief that our teaching impacts the lives of our students by serving as role models, reinforcing positive behavior, celebrating achievements, building self-esteem, and learning how to form friendships. Safety includes a clean, organized gym, trained instructors, and developmental curricula.


This mission of Dynamite (owners and staff alike) is to create a safe, encouraging, nurturing atmosphere where persons of all ages can build core life skills, self-esteem and social skills, develop physical and mental fitness, and foster a love of movement--all while having fun. 


The combined Carhart/Walker family are truly a gymnastics family. The matriarch, Gail Carhart Walker, her five children and three grandchildren form the backbone of the gym and help create a welcoming family environment for our guests. We add to our family by hiring people who are committed to our mission of helping every student be successful--regardless of age, skill level or natural talent.

Our student-centric, positive encouragement model can be seen throughout the gym, in every class. Our instructors support and encourage students to achieve; you’ll see high-fives, students cheering each other on, and proud kids ringing the skills bell, then performing the newly-achieved skill to the entire gym’s applause. Nothing makes us happier than celebrating successes, no matter how small.