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Full-Year Competitive Team Tryouts in May 2019!

Tryouts for all levels of Allstar teams are starting! Athletes ages 5 and up (younger with permission of a coach), of all levels, are invited to register online for our clinics and tryouts for the 2019-2020 season.

PLEASE REVIEW OUR PROGRAM DETAILS, BELOW, BEFORE TRYOUTS. Dynamite is committed to a holistic cheer program that ensures a solid foundation in strength, flexibility, correct shapes and proper form. Participating in tryouts does not automatically guarantee inclusion on a competitive team. We may invite some participants to train with us first, before offering a spot on a team. Our training program ensures our teams can compete with confidence, keeps injuries to a minimum, and enables athletes to progress to new and more advanced skills successfully.


Team Tryouts: Schedule and Registration

Pre-registering for tryouts and clinics guarantees you a spot and enables us to plan and have enough coaches on hand to help the athletes!

Athletes currently enrolled at any Dynamite gym (Gymnastics Center, The Agility Center, Bolt Parkour or Dynamite2) are invited to tryout for free! Just send us an e-mail so we can get you set up.


tryout clinics

SATURDAY, MAY 11, 4 - 5 PM

SUNDAY MAY 12, 3 - 4 PM

SATURDAY, MAY 18, 1 - 2 PM

Beginners can learn what to expect from tryouts and how to perform stunting, tumbling, jump skills, or elementary dance motions. More advanced cheer athletes can work with our coaches on stunting and other skills before tryouts. $15 per participant.



SATURDAY, MAY 11, 6 - 8 PM

SUNDAY MAY 12, 4 - 6 PM

SATURDAY, MAY 18, 2 - 4 PM

For boys and girls ages 5 and up, all levels welcome. Participants will be asked to demonstrate their skills in tumbling, stunting and jumps, as well as learn and perform a dance routine. $25 per participant, or free for currently enrolled Dynamite students.


Below, please find videos for our dance routine and also a helpful explanatory video on the toe touch jump.

NOTE: there is no Tumbling Clinic on Friday, May 10.

Athletes attending tryouts should expect to stay the entire two-hour session. Dynamite coaches will be evaluating their skills in tumbling and jumps, their strength and experience for stunting, and their performance in the dance routine. We recommend that athletes watch the above videos to learn the dance routine and practice in advance of tryouts. 

Resources for Cheer Parents

Families new to cheer may benefit from reading about the US All-Star Federation (USASF) and reviewing their Parent Guide.

Dynamite has many videos on our YouTube channel (Dynamite Gyms) that demonstrate our coaching techniques and provide good insight into what is expected of athletes at practices and in training.

We also recommend the FaceBook group, Confessions of an Accidental Cheer Mom, where parents can ask questions of other cheer parents in addition to other information about having a child in Allstar Cheer.


About our Allstar Program

At Dynamite, we believe that true athletes are born of hard work and perseverance. Our highly-trained coaches break down skills, and help our athletes build strength and flexibility for maximum progress and success. In the interest of safety and longevity in the sport, we believe in having a strong foundation prior to competition. 


Athletes who are interested in joining our program must be evaluated either during Full Year or Half Year Team Tryouts, or by contacting us for an appointment. We may ask a prospective athlete to join our Team Track practice first. Observing an athlete during a Team Track practice enables us to evaluate not just skill levels, but an athlete’s work ethic, teachability, and overall team cohesion.

After being evaluated, the athlete may be placed directly on a team, or invited to join specific classes (see our Instruction page or our CheerFusion page), or our preparatory Team Track; however, athletes will only be placed on a team when they can safely and consistently demonstrate the requisite skills for their level. The majority of our competitions are local. 

For our 2019-2020 season, we will be posting a list of resources for athletes seeking to be evaluated for our teams. These resources include online videos of certain skills with some tips for athletes, a tryout schedule that should answer”what to expect” questions, and other relevant information. These resources and more should be e-mailed to all pre-registrants prior to tryouts on Saturday, May 11.

The minimum skill requirements for athletes wishing to compete in the 2019-2020 season include: forward roll to stand, backward roll on cheese mat, cartwheel, bridge down on floor (backbend) to kickover. Athletes should be able to hold their handstands against a wall with straight backs (not arched) and demonstrate adequate flexibility, strength and ability for jumps, stunts and dance.

additional Team information

Athletes accepted to our Half-Year team for 2019-2020, should expect to compete in a minimum of three to four local competitions. All practices are mandatory.

Athletes may enter our Team Track program throughout the year, but must have the requisite skills by mid-July 2019 for placement on the 2019 - 2020 full-year competitive team and by October 1, 2019 for placement on the 2019 - 2020 half-year competitive team.

Dynamite Allstars competes under the umbrella of U.S. All Star Federation (USASF), which has six designated levels, and specific rules regarding team size, ages and gender composition. 

Practices are typically 1.5 - 3 hours per day, 2 - 3 days per week depending on level. 

This program is Invitation Only. Please call 301-977-7007 or send an e-mail to hello@dynamite2.com to arrange an evaluation or to learn more.


Cheer Instruction at Dynamite2: Team, Team Track, or Classes?

Allstar Cheer is a team-centered sport that combines tumbling, dance, jumps, and stunting. We accept all athletes and are eager to teach them this amazing sport!

We are unique in offering a way to learn all areas of cheer without the pressure and cost of being on a competitive team. Our standards for competitive athletes are high; therefore, we offer many ways to train in the multi-faceted sport of cheer. Other cheer gyms place athletes, regardless of skill or experience level, on competitive teams with the expectation that the necessary skills for that team level, will be learned over the few months (frequently in additional classes), prior to competing in venues against other teams. We believe that this model,

  1. incurs unnecessary costs to parents who don’t even know if their child will like the sport;

  2. usually requires an additional investment in private lessons, since team practices are for learning the routine, not skills;

  3. doesn’t allow for the time necessary to learn skills properly and safely, causing athletes to develop bad habits that are extremely difficult to unlearn; and

  4. forces athletes to perform before they are truly ready to get out and compete.

Our approach to cheer is both safer and more holistic than other gyms: we believe that allowing a growing athlete to train at his or her own pace, learning skills while building strength, agility, flexibility, and the proper shapes and forms for all the different skills that cheer requires, is the best way to build a truly successful athlete, who can keep competing through the college years, and even beyond!

Competitive Teams

We welcome all athletes to attend our evaluations (or arrange an appointment) and apply to be on our competitive teams! We are an Allstar Cheer program, which is judged more competitively than Recreational Cheer. Our standards for competition are high, and we expect our athletes to be dedicated, willing to accept instruction, and great team players. Dynamite cheer athletes must be able not only to perform the requisite skills for the team level, but to do so at the highest standard. Our program boasts the direction of a certified Allstar cheer judge, who will ensure that everyone on Team can go up against any other gym’s athletes with every chance of success.

Team athletes will train a minimum of two days a week, three hours per day, with the option of a third day strictly for tumbling and conditioning. Athletes deemed not yet ready to compete will be invited to train in our Team Track program.

Team Track

Athletes aspiring to be competition-ready will train just like our Team athletes: a minimum of two days a week for three hours per day. Team Track is challenging and is best for athletes who love training and are committed to learning the correct way to execute skills, as well as engage in the work required to learn and execute skills safely. Athletes demonstrating the strongest work ethic will be invited to compete that much sooner! At this time, the Team Track schedule is Tuesdays and Fridays, with an optional Sunday, from 5:30 - 8:30 pm. Check out DynamiteGyms’ YouTube Channel to see videos of our practice highlights and tumbling skill clinics.

CheerFusion Classes

Starting at age 5, our classes are the best place to learn cheer skills without the pressure of being on a competitive team. We teach all levels, from beginning through advanced. We have classes every day and on the weekends! We recruit for competitive teams from the pool of athletes participating in our CheerFusion classes. See our CheerFusion page for more information.