Class Programs


Dynamite offers a variety of class programs to provide multiple avenues to grow and thrive. Our preschool program combines gymnastics with developmental movement. At 5, students choose whether to specialize in Tumbling, CheerFusion, or Artistic gymnastics. Tumbling and CheerFusion are gateways to joining our competitive team programs. 


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gymnastics basics

Students navigate obstacle courses comprised of bars, beams, blocks, mats and springboards to develop coordinate, confidence, balance, and gross motor and fundamental gymnastics skills. Up through age 3, parents learn to hand-spot and coach their budding gymnasts. At the age of 3, gymnasts who can separate from their parents are invited to join Poppers, where they will practice following instructions, waiting in line, and making friends, in addition to mastering movement. 

CLASS OPTIONS: Sparklers (18mos - 3 yrs), Poppers (3 - 4), Firecrackers (4 - 5)

INVITATION ONLY: Allstar Cheer Team Track, Team


basics - advanced

Tumbling skills are critical for gymnastics, cheer, and dance, to name a few. At Dynamite, rolls, handstands, cartwheels, handsprings and flips are taught with proper technique, which creates a solid foundation for progression. Solid tumbling basics training, including strength and flexibility development, allows athletes to transition into a myriad of other sports that incorporate tumbling. Students must start in Basics and can test into Advanced Tumbling.

CLASS OPTIONS: Basics Tumbling (5 - 7), Basics Tumbling (7 - 10), Basics Tumbling (10+)

INVITATION ONLY: Advanced Tumbling (7 - 10), Advanced Tumbling (10+), Power Tumbling Team Track, Team


Tumbling, Stunting & JUMPing

Cheer is an awesome combination of tumbling, stunting and dance. In this class, students will learn the cheer basics: introductory tumbling, basic footholds, correct posture for basing, balance work, as well as shaping, strength and flexibility. CheerFusion is a great class for kids who want to eventually compete or just want to progress at their own pace. Join with friends to make your own stunt groups and improve together. 

CLASS OPTIONS: CheerFusion (5 - 7), CheerFusion (7 - 10), CheerFusion (10+) 

INVITATION ONLY: Advanced CheerFusion (7+), Pre-Team, and Team



Think Simone Biles. Students develop skills on bars, beam, vault and the spring floor as they build balance, strength and confidence. Because gymnastics is a progressive sport, students can learn at their own pace. We welcome kids of any age and level to master basic elements and work their way up to more advanced skills. Dynamite's focus on proper progressions in a fun environment means that your gymnast will get a solid foundation while having a blast. 

CLASS OPTIONS: Gymnastics (5 - 7), Gymnastics (7 - 10), Gymnastics (10+) 

INVITATION ONLY: Advanced Gymnastics, Pre-Team, Team