what to expect


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  1. Make sure you are registered and arrive 5 minutes prior to the beginning of class.
  2. Wear appropriate attire (leotard and shorts/leggings or t-shirt and shorts/leggings for girls, t-shirt and shorts/sweatpants for boys, no buckles, belts or zippers, no mid-drift tops or athletic bras revealing midsection);
  3. Go to the front desk and pick up the student's name tag from the counter (they are arranged by time, class, then first name).
  4. Remove student's shoes and socks (Parent coaches of Sparkler's parents may wear socks); if barefoot, wipe feet; Cheer students may wear shoes when determined by coaches). 
  5. Tie back long hair and remove jewelry.
  6. Place belongings in any available cubbies.
  7. Line up at the gym door and wait for instructor to announce the beginning of warmup (all students warm up on the large red, gray and black floor). All classes warm up together for 8 - 10 minutes and then are separated into their respective classes. 


  1. 60- and 90-minute classes typically start on :00 (the top of the hour) on weekends, and :00 or :30 on weekdays.
  2. 45-minute classes typically start at the :10 or :05 on weekends and on :40 on weekdays. 
  3. All classes beginning at the same time warm up together (for 10 minutes) and then split off into their classes.
  4. Teachers follow a rotation schedule to promote organization and safety.


  1. Shoes and non-participants (parents not enrolled in a Sparklers or Adult class and un-enrolled siblings) are not permitted in the gym.
  2. Food and drinks should be consumed in the party room, not in the lobby near the gym doors.
  3. Please clean up after your children; our cleaning staff do not work during daytime hours, so help us keep the lobby clean.
  4. Please allow our instructors to develop a rapport with your children via acclimating them to class and addressing their concerns.
  5. If your child has difficulty separating from you, you may wish to consider Sparklers or a class time with fewer students in the gym (other than Sparklers classes, parents are not permitted in the gym).
  6. To keep all students safe, please do not communicate with or distract your student during class.