Power Tumbling

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At Dynamite, we believe that every athlete can achieve their goals with the right attitude and hard work. We also understand that while some gymnasts would live in the gym if they could, others have other interests outside of tumbling. For these reasons, we offer advanced classes and competition options that provide flexibility in hours, commitment and competition. USA Gymnastics (USAG) offers the Junior Olympic program, which includes levels 1 - 10 followed by Elite (highest level from which Olympians are selected). For the first five levels of the JO program, USAG creates the passes, while levels 6 and up have required elements and the gymnasts create their own tumbling passes. Practices are typically 3 - 4 hours per day, 2 - 4 days per week. 

This program is Invitation Only. Please contact hello@dynamite2.com to arrange an evaluation or to learn more.