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Dynamite offers year-round Artistic gymnastics classes for girls (although boys are always welcome). We invite gymnasts to go as far as their hard work and dedication can take them. Class students should inform their instructors of any ambitions as their instructors can better guide them towards fulfilling their gymnastics goals. At Dynamite, our trained instructors can help students develop a solid foundation and prepare for competition. Does your gymnast just want to learn a few skills and have tons of fun? We can help with that too! 

SNAPS (5 - 7)

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Snaps is the first year of Artistic gymnastics instruction and we provide a curriculum that teaches all the fundamentals. Dynamite has intermediate bars and low beams to make the transition from preschool to Snaps seamless. Students use tumble track, blocks and mats to learn cartwheels, handstands, rolls and bridges. Using bars to develop strength, beam to build balance, floor for coordination, and trampoline for air awareness, Snaps is the first step towards building a strong gymnastics foundation. 


Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Age range: 5 - 7

Length of class: 60 minutes

Student/Instructor ratio: 8:1

Cost: $120/month or $35/trial


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Rockets starts at age 7, although gymnasts should only graduate to Rockets if they are comfortable on the high bars and beams, and they want to add an extra 30 minutes (they are welcome to stay in Snaps until they are ready). In Rockets, gymnasts will move at their own pace as they learn the fundamentals that prepare them for higher-level skills. Because gymnastics is a progressive sport, gymnasts of differing levels can be taught side by side as they work on different skills. Once they achieve the basics, they can move onto more advanced skills.


Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Age range: 7 - 10

Length of class: 90 minutes

Student/Instructor ratio: 8:1

Cost: $140/month or $40/trial