While we group students by age to foster peer development and social skills, our instructors are trained to teach a wide range of skills. This creates a learning environment that builds social, emotional, physical and mental growth. 




Get started early! Dynamite's toddler classes are designed to foster a love of movement from the beginning while equipping parents with the skills and confidence to hand spot their children. Parents guide their children through obstacle courses while supporting their children as they develop gross motor coordination, strength and self-esteem. 


Sparklers (18 mos - 5 yrs), 45 minutes, $100/month. 6:1 student/instructor ratio.


(3 - 5 YEARS)

We all know that movement helps children develop physically, but it is also well-documented that structured classes help preschoolers prepare for school. Our classes focus on building social skills in addition to developing strength, dexterity and athletic skills. Instilling a love of movement is critical for young children to remain active and healthy—and gymnastics creates that foundation.

CLASS INFO: Poppers (3 - 4yrs) and Firecrackers (4 - 5yrs) are all coed. 6:1 student/teacher ratio, 45-minute classes, $100/month. CheerFusion (4 - 5) is coed, 6:1 student/teacher ratio, 60-minutes classes, $120/month.

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(5 - 7 YEARS)

At 5 years old, children begin to prefer same-gendered children, enjoy more challenging activities, and become more aware of their connections with their peers and teachers. Understanding these changes, Dynamite provides the opportunity to graduate from the preschool program and move to more specialized and challenging equipment and skills. This means thinner beams and higher bars in gymnastics, higher stunts in cheer, and more focused technique in tumbling. For student who like everything, we offer GymFusion, which gives students the opportunity to try it all.

CLASS INFO: Tumbling (5 - 7) and CheerFusion (5 - 7) classes are coed; Gymnastics (5 - 7) is typically for girls. 8:1 student/teacher ratio. 60-minute classes, $120/month. 

(Classes may be combined with 7-10 age group based on enrollment)

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(7 - 10 YEARS)

By the age of 7, children become much more aware of their physical abilities and the opinions of their peers. To address these developments, Dynamite instructors teach more than just gymnastics, tumbling, and cheer--they teach kindness and cooperation. While learning skills, students are encouraged to applaud their peers' accomplishments, and work together to move blocks and play strength games. Higher equipment, and more challenging skills and drills help kids overcome fear and feel accomplished. 

CLASS INFO: Tumbling (7 - 10), CheerFusion (7 - 10), and Gymnastics (7 - 10) classes are coed; 60-minute classes, $120/month. 8:1 student/teacher ratio. 

(Classes may be combined with 5 - 7 or 10+ age groups based on enrollment)

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(10 - 17 YEARS)

Middle and high school students are acutely aware of their physique and goals for improvement. At Dynamite, we welcome teens and tweens to have fun and stay active while building positive, supportive friendships. Beginners and advanced athletes welcome. 

CLASS INFO: Tumbling (10+), CheerFusion (10+), and Gymnastics (10+) classes are coed; 60-minute classes, $120/month. 8:1 student/teacher ratio.

(Classes may be combined with 7 - 10 age group based on enrollment)

*Upon request and contingent upon staff availability, Dynamite is happy to create 60-minute classes.